Black Systemic Murder.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 14:39
Marvin Rex Lake is a murderer, thinking that it was OK to murder a white person because of Black Systemic hate crimes, Wrestling moves on an infant? Someone with violent anger issues should not even be allowed around their own kids, let alone be permitted to work as a baby sitter. You just robbed 60-70 years of life from a poor innocent soul. cant think of any punishment that will feel like justice apart from death.
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 14:53
FBI: Blacks Made up 55.9% of Known Murder Offenders in 2019

The fact that black people can't stop criminal activities full stop, they must be removed from western society and returned back to there own nations.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 17:13
Here's the saddest of black pills. That because it could be a white pill. Makes it even blacker. A sort of sad reality. Horrid truth

I'll use very basic language "muh right vs muh left" to make this simple. The average person does not like BLM. Antifa. Doesn't think Jan 6 was 9/11 2.0. A majority of people hate trans kids. Gay bullshit. Or any hard left faggotry.
Yet people are too afraid to stand up and fight back. Take the cops. The police hated by the left and more and more the right roo. Why? Because cops will defend antifa. Let BLM rape and kill. Will arrest white men trying to defend themselves. They get called pigs but also defend those same people.
Yet think of it. What's stopping half the US police force from just Rambo mode the antifa black block creeps? Or just quitting. Or defending good people instead of standing down

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