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Niggers harass and targeting houses with Trump Flags.

18 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-16 12:00
You stupid fucken human failure, I hope you get cancer and survive for years in pain and misery.

Listen up you ignorant peasant:

Humans will travel, humans are adventurous and curious. Ever since technology has allowed, we have been travelling to every corner of the world. We travel then we settle at some stage.
Meeting other cultures ,speaking other languages, knowing other history, its a challenge to get through this years , as a world community despite of the differences.
Yes at every major stage of human evolution there are those who cry and whinge, "its too dangerous, its too costly, its too different...."

You and feral apes like you, will have to accept that we live in a world of: the internet, quick world travel, world nationalities mingling, discovery and wonder.

Its been anticipated and predicted by brilliant minds , theologists , futurist anthropogists, authors, scientists...that in the future we WILL be rounding up euthenasing some people, but they wont be the africans, jews, chinese, whites, mexicans, will be the Xenophobes.

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