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13 Percent of the population commit 50% of all murders

107 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 17:41
Are you talking about redlining or NIMBY exclusions from certain neighborhoods? Basically the same as blacks.
Look at the graph I posted, as you can see the number of asians was practically non existant in the 60s when redlining ended. Meanwhile the number of blacks stayed constant over that timespan.
Meaning the asians that are so successful came here after redlining and where therefore not effected by it.

Jeez, can you bring up one example that isn't demostrably flawed at the first glance?

Why not? We're talking about success by minority groups.
Yes we are talking about economic success in completely different economic systems. Nigeria is not industrialized, the U.S. is.
The two economies are so fucking different that any comparison completely falls flat, because, guess what, economic sucess completely depends on the economy in question.

I haven't presented stats
Your argument rely on stats. Sure you haven't shown them but only implied them (like the success of asian americans), but that doesn't mean I can't critizise the stats you implicetly base your argument on.

Again, why? We're talking about successful minority groups
Again because if the economic framework isn't comparable, the economic sucess isn't comparable. It's like comparing the leaderboard rank between someone in starcraft and in guitar hero. These are two different settings with different sets of rules that require different skills to succeed.

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