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13 Percent of the population commit 50% of all murders

103 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-15 14:20
How many of them where legally excluded from owning property?
Are you talking about redlining or NIMBY exclusions from certain neighborhoods? Basically the same as blacks.

Do you really think that comparing the U.S. an industrial nation with nigeria, a country which was until 80 years ago literally owned by another nation?
Why not? We're talking about success by minority groups. Even more curiously, how about just looking at Nigerian immigrants to the US? They're literally one of the successful immigrant groups of all time.

I don't claim anything, all I do is to show you that your "stats" are completely invalid.
I haven't presented stats, I've presented arguments, cases, and history. You seem very confused.

Honestly, I don't care, I just think it's funny how bad you guys are with stats. None of these things pass the first most superficial test. I mean comparing Nigeria with the U.S... At least compare nations of the same development level. For example you could compare egypt with chile or something like that
Again, why? We're talking about successful minority groups, not whatever dumb racism you're trying to promote.

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