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Leftists are literal tinfoil hat tier conspiracy theorists.

38 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-04 08:47
ussia Collusion is proven and, frankly, the worst kept secret on Earth.

These facts CAN NOT BE EXPLAINED without there being Russian collusion, which, by the way, is corroborated by our military, foreign allied Militaries and the entire Intelligence Community. The GOP Senate finally agree too.

1. two illegal closed-door non-transcipted meetings with known Russian spies in the Oval Office.

2. Lifting of sanctions on Russia for their illegal annexation of Crimea.

3. two illegal, secret, non-transcripted meetings with Vladimir Putin himself.

4. Helsinki.

5. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, both of whom have ZERO qualifications or reason to be sought for campaign recruitment OTHER than the fact that they have Russia and Ukraine contacts and dealings.

6. Trump's constant attacks on the media and investigations against him (some of which amount to illegal obstruction of justice, such as when he said "there is no investigation into Russia".)

7. ExxonMobil deal with Russia for oil and Rex Tillerson being selected for SecState.

8. Fired Maria Yovanovich (illegal retaliation) for testifying against him.

9. Caught pushing provenly false propaganda against Ukraine that was traced to the Kremlin.

10. Trump Tower meeting with known Russian criminals about getting "dirt on Hillary".

11. Trump stole hundreds of ventilators from state purchases and sent them to Putin and Russia when America was by far the worst affected country in the world.

12. Trump singlehandedly trying to allow Russia back into G7 after knowing and being briefed that the Kremlin is paying the Taliban bounties for US Soldiers.

13. Trump abandoned our allies the Kurds in Syria and purposely left/gave empty US Army bases to Russia.

14. Russia has been wanting the US to lessen its influence in mainland Europe for over a decade and just this year Trump decided to recall thousands of troops from bases in Germany. This was all after we learned Putin is paying Talibanis for killing US troops.

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