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China the first country to surpass the US economy.

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-01 02:23
CHINA will be the first country in the world to surpass the US economy since 1880s by nominal GDP!!!

Sending jobs to China and India
Lockdown over coronavirus
Unemployment over a lockdown
Protests by hordes of unemployed Blacks and Antifa
Closed small business and medium size business

China really outsmarted America.What was the point of a lockdown? Closing local business and not allowing people to work while giving BLM and Antifa free pass to cause riots and chaos?WTF?

When Feds start printing too much money to give it to unemployed and the inflation starts happening, lovering the value of dollar to other currencies your standard of living is going to go down and you will regret for this.

Welcome to a 21th century Weimar Republic!

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