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The simple the truth.

28 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-27 16:21
Then you are destined to become the sheep to the wolves. You could have been the keeper of all logics. That you cannot accept there is some truth to everything means you will diverge into certain programmed pidgeon holes and be forever trapped in another way.

Your enlightenment is but hallucination
I am not enlightened I am the devils spawn, the gatekeeper of knowledge of good and evil.
Tomorrow I could be you and adapt my reasoning to believe your lies for a period defined by my own will.

Adapt or perish.
This is the nature of mans struggle.

I do not care for christians, they accept blindly, I do not care for Buddhists they bend to unethical practices for emotional concerns and only their true masters of mind keep purity of the human species.

Your reasoning is clearly biased based on how you have decided to predict your counterpart behaves.
I have seen you do it all in this thread, I predict nothing, you may very well be a liar but I presume you are attempting to learn something sometimes.

no power outside of your own mind.
As opposed to you who clearly controls the universe you mean?
I think you have me confused with an angel somehow and they want you to attack my logic so you will always find it ridiculous because you belittle them.

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