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The simple the truth.

26 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-27 15:12
That you do not know the truth is evident by your failure to grasp the intellectual root of what I am saying.

Circular logic is the design of a PI relative universe, this is where will to power comes in.
If you can harness the circular knowledge of more individuals than another, you become the will over them. Angels rarely let man will to power and reserve that for themselves.

Every logic has its place in an infinite universe.

I do not hold keys to the kingdom, I merely observe and advance my own understanding. Just because I use one logic today does not mean I will find benefit in it every day.

Divine your own logical pathways and suckle the teat of limited intellectual will to power realizations.
If you can adapt my current thought patterns into your relativity you will find more answers than if you ignore it.

Ultimately I do not care because man cannot overthrow the angels anyway. Lucifer is currently the only type of overthrowing force and he is content to adapt and survive by methods encompassing all knowledge for purposes few Humans care to factor into their own lifestyle.
That is definitive evidence that God was in there somewhere
God can be somewhere or retract himself from that place, it is angels who control mankind.
Your reasoning is biased based on how you have been programmed to predict your counterpart behaves.

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