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The simple the truth.

21 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-27 13:14
1)Knowledge is not separate from a person, knowledge comes from a person sharing it, or else it is found within oneself in silence.
This is an anonymous imageboard people lose their inhibitions and in order to divine your own intellectual advancement you must seek to find all variants of answer, thus today I am seeking a certain kind of person, because i already have the arguments of normies under my belt for the most part. How you view the world is your choice but the angels do not like people taking credit for their proposals so they limit information in silence or otherwise to those who do not seek to benefit themselves by the knowledge beyond attaining the answer.
Normies hide information thinking that somehow benefits them, but knowledge can only be put into practice by those with the skillset to use it.
Then what are you even blathering about? Relativity applies to individuals so you cannot make a big dumb generalization about the whole, which is where I called you out on. Still you did a poor job of explaining it.
< vs > is a simple deductive method to ascertain certain principle theories that can later be more precisely deduced. I am sorry you do not grasp it, but that is not my flaw.>>20
Everything will be biased on who is talking it or who is hearing it. You cannot remove the bias from the person like you cannot remove the person from the bias. You can observe and learn from the bias, that can help in future endeavors.
All in all you are kind of stupid anon, I would close the thread and try again in a few hours. You have a lot more reading to do
Divine logic is beyond your scope. I have not found who I am looking for so will not close the thread. It is just a bit beyond your social programming.

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