Adolf Hitler the Gasman.

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-20 16:16
Did he have the tech to gas and cremate "6 million" people
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-20 18:39
Lol no
3 Name: tokiko 2020-07-20 20:53
While we have no way to prove anything for sure, what we know is that he fucking failed at whatever he was trying to accomplish and therefore he sucks balls.
4 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-20 22:33
Poland had almost 45 mil people before the war. After the war we went down into thirties of mils. Explain to me mister Nazi, what happened to all those people?
5 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 00:46
He also starved a bunch to death/worked them to death or shot them in the base of the skull with low-cost .22 revolvers with low-grain ammo called dum-dum rounds
6 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 01:53
It blows my mind everyone has always been so concerned with bullshut gas and fire when
7 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 03:50
There was about 2,5 million registered jews in Europe in 1939.
8 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2020-07-21 04:24
Yes. You racist idiot. KYS.
9 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 05:31
Literally only takes wood.

Troll or fucking incompetent.
10 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 07:11
railways, a camp, and the gas? Sure.
11 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 07:45
I think NOT.
If the 600 actual victims didn't want gassed, they all knew this trick.
12 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 08:35
German engineering is best in the world, obviously he had capacity for 1 billion people to gas.
They weren't people, they were either jews, either slavs. Both are untermensches.
13 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 09:25


14 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 10:16
Fun fact, Adolf Hitler is self hating Jew that Jew’d the Germans, in the most savage Jewry known to man.
15 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 11:06
They obviously fled the country to escape the war. Try harder kike. There werent even 6mil jews in europe at the time, fag
16 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 11:40
yeah. Yeah it's not that hard. The gas? Zyklon B. Isn't that cyanide gas? Not expensive. I kno for awhile they were using just car exhaust pumping into a van but that's not expensive either.

The tech? Of what, prison camps? Infrastructure supply chains?

Where are you coming from on this. Yes of course they had 'the tech' ...
17 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 12:30
Lol you're a moron. Psh. Not even 6 million jews in Europe.

Right. And you called him a fag haha.

Boy you are a dumb motherfucker. There's nothing I could say to ya. You're hopeless. Uneducated. And proud of it!
18 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 13:03
Yes, but he also shot a fuck ton of them. It's a common misconception and exaggeration that all Jews went to the gas chambers.
They were executed on the spot whenever and wherever.
19 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 13:37
He also killed more than just Jews
20 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 14:10
Best logic
21 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 14:44
Tech? You mean, a room and poison? Yes. Yes, I think he had that space-age technology. Maybe from aliens.
22 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 15:08
You fucking idjit, those 6,000 jews could not have used this little known trick because the Jew nose is too large. Correct?
23 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 15:18
It's much easier than you think.
24 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2020-07-21 15:35
Source: trust me bro
25 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 15:52
Most were not cremated. Mass graves for a large portion of that due to dysentery.
26 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 16:08
I saw the number as something like 1.2 million and Jews blew it up 500%

If someone has that chart/sauce, post it
27 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-21 17:34
Bruh the tech? All it takes to gas and cremate people is gas and fire.
28 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-22 12:38
I am not a jew but I can't stand your stupidity illiterate trash.
GAS like a fart, not fuel you fucking idiots.

Gas chambers had hatches from the top that Nazis were throwing Zyklon pellets, that created toxic gases. Gas as a fart, not liquid you FUCKING NEO NAZI IDIOTS!
Oh, and been to Poland, seen everything with my very eyes so stop the stupid propaganda.

What you should use against them, is this:
They were treated like shit and now they kill and genocide Palestinians the same way and worse. Fuck jews.

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