I Hate my skin color.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-10-26 20:32
I want to be black, I hate being white I have to work for everything, why can't I be black and given everything on a plate, I want to smoke weed and get affirmative action, be special for my skin color like blacks.

I just hate being pale white, with light hair.
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-10-27 15:53
George Soros plan is working I see, make white people hate there skin colour, import millions of blacks into the west, white who hate themselves have kids with blacks, white population dies out America and Europe turn into South Africa, Soros profits from high debt and low wages, because black are too stupid to see what's happening and then the world falls into Waring black Nations.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-10-27 23:47
Soyaboy cries.

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