1 Name: Anonymous 2019-05-19 03:52
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2 Name: Anonymous 2019-07-11 20:23
goatfinger is where I used to get a lot of mine. Used to take small doses of green or white for a little pick me up in the mornings. Would take 15g or so of Red if I wanted to relax and sleep good. I like it enough I used to keep a couple Kg around.

My advice on consumption is dry toss and chase with something. It tastes like ass but its a lot better than gulping down a huge glass of swamp water. It also goes really good in a chocolate milkshake (think green-tea kit-Kats if youve ever had one). Also, start small. If you take too much Kratom you will vomit after about 10-15 minutes. Id reccomend around 5-8g for a decent dose but you can take about 3g for one of those little "pick me up" doses.

Kratom is different, but its very enjoyable. As someone who has fought with depression for 10+ years its a good alternative to Anti-Depressants and is supposedly is good for muscle pain but I never noticed any of the pain relief. Id compare it to being "buzzed" after a few strong drinks but nowhere near drunk.

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