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what's up with all these homophobic people?

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-22 16:54
be me, almost got in fight on bus today
2 dudes holding hands
someone was like shielding their child who was looking
so the guys stopped
I said "No, fuck that. Don't do that. Hold his hand!"
she says "I don't want my child seeing that!"
I stand up and say "What? Love? Oh, how horrible. What a terrible thing for your child to see."
And I said to the kid "These two men love each other and that's ok, no matter what anyone tells you"
The bus cheered
As I'm gettting off at my stop one of the guys came to me and was tearing up
He says thanks
I say "Don't thank me. Seriously. This nonsense of thanking people for being decend humans needs to stop. You're welcome, though"

Seriously, what's up with all these homophobic people? Literally grow the fuck up!

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