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Ocasio-Cortez rejected by the entire Senate.

79 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 13:38
Most polls show him at 41-42% and if you ignore the 20 states he lost his approval rating is at around 46-50% from the states he won in 2016.
Out of the 20 states he lost in 2016 16 of them have a below 45% approval rating.
Any prez with 45% or more has a very large chance at winning again which is why it's important that 4 of the states he lost has an approval rating of 45%.
Also why it's important to ignore the states he lost when looking at his approval rating, you already know he won't win those states again so you have to see how he's doing with what his original supporters were.
Places like California has him at like 35% which would drag the entire approval rating down.

Trump is doing extremely well with his voter base while his opposition is still extremely pissed at him.

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