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The Mueller report was complete and utter bullshit.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-24 04:36
Your now daily reminder that the Mueller report was complete and utter bullshit thread has started.

Mueller released his report late Friday night and said he recommends no further indictments and that his investigation is over.

Liberals are doubling down (again) and trying to cling onto any hope they can that the report has some sembelance of Russia collusion in it because they are saying a sitting president cannot be indicted. Problem with that is that no further recommendations are recommend from Muller and they could certainly indict any and all the people around the president if there was collusion.

Liberals are on suicide watch. Please be sure to rub the fact that everything they believed in for the past 2 years was a fucking lie.

As a bipartisian effort we should call for all convinctions related to this investigation be pardoned as NONE of them are in relation to the intended purpose of the investigation which was ofcourse Russian collusion. Many have been convicted over tax issues which happened well over a decade ago. These men don’t deserve to have their lives ruined and be torn apart from their families because as bunch of butt hurt crazy left wing maniacs were trying to throw people in jail and get them to admit to the president engaging in Russian collusion in exchange for a lighter sentence.

God bless america and let the dank “no russian collusion memes” flow

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