I am from Sweden.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-02 20:58
I'm always serious.I am from Sweden.I am wasting my time.Living in a building full of violent Niggers,gypsies and Mudslims,some low iq subhumans try to make fun of me because I am the only white guy here.Fucking shit.I am thinking about getting AK-47 illegally and just kill this vile pices of shit.

Who the fuck are this people? You think that you are smart?If you are smart,why 90% of you live on welfare or work jobs that nobody likes? You fucking dumb retards,you think that you are smart,why are your countries so horrible that you have to come here and abuse people,abuse me,abuse my sister,break and destroy our streets and cars while the Government gives you green light to do it and take away the right from me to fight back?

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