Feminism has ruined the housewife fantasy.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-19 22:54
The 50's housewife is like the ideal fucking life. Feminism has ruined that for future generations of girls by promising them promising careers and lives that just aren't realistic. By doing so the dream to be a 50's housewife is also no longer realistic and is looked down upon.

All you had to do to be a 50's housewife is be presentable, to treat your husband well, do the chores, cook, and you even have time to garden like most housewives did. And just time for other things. But no. It can never happen cause of modern day feminism.
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-07 04:54
The 50's are never ever coming back. It was great to be an alcoholic and go home and beat the shit out of your wife after work.

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