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The white right to exist!

2 Name: [email protected] 2019-02-09 01:56
White extermination is a good thing, and we should start with OP
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-09 05:34
The real issue is cultural degradation. Without ethics humans don't know what to do, and that comes from our cultures, of which come from our races. The USA westernizing people is due to this issue.
7 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-09 11:25
what you as a young white man can do
1. Devote yourself to God and traditional Christian values
2. Train physically, both strength and endurance
3. Arm yourself with firearms and store supplies, learning survivalist skills and other self sufficiency skills like farming is also good
4. Find a white wife and have as many children as you can support.
5. Move out to rural areas or other white areas in order to form mini-ethnostates that can protect themselves from the eventual anti white communist revolution
6. Raise your children to have traditional and ethnonationalistic values, do not expose them to the temptations of the Jew (TV, music, social media, porn, movies etc)
7. Band up with other like minded whites and plan/train for when SHTF, be careful as there are many race traitors who would turn you in for being a white nationalist
8. Educate yourself and read up on genetics, history, biology and racial heritage. Study socialism and globalism and multiculturalism in the way a boxer watches videos of his opponent to learn his techniques. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can engage in debate with the socialists and win
9. Support right wing nationalist policies but beware of the Republican Party which has been becoming more liberal and multicultural of late.
10. Leave this board of misery and redpill yourself on /bijou/, /lounge/, /goafinger/ and /tinychan/
11 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-09 19:29
tfw you are a subhuman American /newpol/tard that would've gotten gassed in Nazi Germany spamming a board full of losers with the same shit every day
16 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 02:28
What are your thoughts on the white right to exist and the preservation of white genetics?
What's a white person? Where did they come from? What objective genetic markers MUST someone have to be white?
Trying to preserve a race that doesn't exist is silly. A Nord is not a Greek, but you expect me to believe they're both the same "white race"?
If your goal was to preserve heritage, then saying all of these different European ethnicities with different cultures, languages, and customs, are all part of the same culture and race. That's stupid.
29 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 15:40
I'm planning on race mixing aahahhahaha

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