How violent blacks are.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 15:09
You may pull a million stats out of your butt about how violent blacks are or about IQ, or whatever, but there is one simple trump card that shuts you down over and over again.

That trump card is the simple fact that i am a few inches more manly than 99.9% of whitebois. those few inches are what cancel out any claim of yours to be superior. They cancel out your ability to multiply as fast as i can.

They are the reason blacks will dominate the planet.

In high school there are nerds and jocks. The nerds have big brains and get shit. The jocks have big dicks and get girls and the best life.

Whites are nerds, blacks are jocks.

what is even more dominating is that it doesn't even matter if we have similar sizes. as long as your white girls believe it and your culture acknowledges it. I emerge supreme. so give up whiteboi. we've already won this war
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 15:15
shut up nigger. Get back to pickin my cotton, boi.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 15:24
How does that work out for you guys when you’re in prison ? 80% African-American population in prison so all inmates have giant assholes I don’t get it...
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 15:28
I wonder if you make enough money to even raise a family for making these threads....
5 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 15:52
You guys can’t successfully hold high dollar intelligent jobs. You’re not even that good of thieves. So you’re just convicts !! Yeah women find that really appealing.
6 Name: [email protected] 2019-01-27 15:55
trump supporter detected
7 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 16:02
Impossible. Everyone know's that Trumps supports are Racists and if he's Black than he can't possibly be a racist, therefore he is not a Trump supporter.
8 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 16:08
where the fuck is hitler when you need him
9 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2019-01-27 16:19
You're gay and it's okay in 2019.
10 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 16:22
Shut up nigger, back to my plantation otherwise will flog you and your nigger wife.
11 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 16:39
12 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 16:45
We bred you to work and breed. You're welcome . And sorry about the reduced grey matter.
13 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 17:01
So you fantasize about necrophilia, bestiality and bondage? When are you going to realize you're beating a dead horse?
14 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 17:39
We all started out darker you fucking retard ! The whiter we got the smarter we got. Look at the Chinese culture they’r white as shit now.. The Oriental race bread out the Negro. North America should take a little lesson
15 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 17:53
We all started out darker you fucking retard

Out of Africa is a myth.
16 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 17:59
Oh my god did I trip and fall down and fall into one of those “this world is flat threads “

Oh yeah go with Pence’s theory.. the bible... One day we just all appeared here
17 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 18:03
So why did the Chinese you talked about went from ''Black'' in to what they are now,you mong,and why nobody ever saw this until some atheists start inveting this theories in 20th century?
Yea I will go with Pence over Bill Nye.
18 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 18:10
Oh that’s pretty funny reference. I would pick bill Nye I thousand times over Pence.. So by the context of Pence following the Bible does that also mean that you believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy or just Jesus... Jesus was just a worthless bum with zero Divinity
19 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 18:15
Santa Claus and the tooth fairy aren't in Bible but St.Nick that inspired Santa is.

Jesus was just a worthless bum with zero Divinity

He proved his importance and divinity with miracles and resurrection

I would pick nill Nye
It figures...
20 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-27 18:20
Santa Claus and the tooth fairy aren't in Bible but St.Nick that inspired Santa is.
The term has also been used in Europe in a broader, somewhat derogatory sense to refer to Muslims in general, especially those of Arab or Berber descent, whether living in Spain or North Africa

Nice try fuck face, Muslims are still kind-of-white.

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