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What are your opinions on scientology anons?

9 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-07 20:06
Firstly, to have more money. Scientology being classed as a religion means they pay zero taxes. These rich people who would otherwise have to lose up to 60% of their earnings in taxes can now lose nothing by declaring various assets "religious". My new house I'm building in Malibu? It's a "Scientology retreat".

As for the power - name one person with power who doesn't want more, more, more. All religions are cults and all are founded on the desire for more money and more power by greedy cunts who like to keep gullible little turds in check. People like Tom Cruise and co don't actually believe the Xenu volcano trash. Think of them as sponsorship deals. Scientology pumps a few million in to Tom here and there, Tom gets a few tax benefits from Scientology, and millions more cretins think that Scientology must have credit because Hollywood stars follow it, and thus fall in to the trap.

It's pretty much the same shitty tactic as Instagram "celebrities" who pose with a certain vitamin juice in a picture. It works out well for both them and for the vitamin juice company. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are just scheming money spinners.

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