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Recent governmental and political censorship.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-01 00:10
In the aftermath of recent governmental and political censorship we,
secure1024 have created the EYE in order to separate
those who are worthy and like-minded from the weak-willed in order to achieve our goals.

Are you?

Any and all communication from us should be verified through our attached PGP public key
along with the signature on every message. If authentication fails, do NOT TRUST the message.
In order to do this download and uncompress the folder called secure1024Communication#, import the public key included in communication 1(Named with fingerprint:B368FB9B4866ACAC1268AA902DF81E70637363DB.asc) and read the text message.
To verify authenticity use a pgp utility such as Kleopatra to verify the signature is genuine with ultimate confidence. Be sure to use ONLY our pgp public key,
which is attatched to communication 1, to verify authenticity. NOTE THE FORMAT OF HOW THE SIGNATURE IS GIVEN MAY CHANGE OVER MESSAGES

I wish you well on your voyage...

The EYE speaks in riddles.

To verify:

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