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I know you all can always give great advice...

16 Name: [email protected] 2018-12-29 20:19
Most alpha of alphas does a bit of fathering and providing if he wants his kids to carry on his legacy and care for him in old age. You could call that "beta" but what you describe is not entirely wrong... it's basically the sexual dynamic of Baltimore. If your whole civilization takes up that behavior... well, look at Haiti.

What we call civilization is basically a compromise between alpha and beta males--betas keep producing wealth and maintaining the things that make life good, and in exchange, they get one wife in the prime of her years to screw and have babies. In return, Alphas agree not to bang the Beta's wives, daughters and sisters without restraint, usually only keeping a wife and a mistress. This compromise started falling apart in America in the 60's and it's anybody's guess how that'll turn out.

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