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General tranny hate thread.

178 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 00:52
You just can't help it with the exaggerations and hyperbole, can you?

"who teach anything that doesn't align with the current political environment" - have you been on any university campuses recently? Have you studied in detail how many curricula have been changed via force of the kind you describe?

"universities capitulate to any demand"? This is just factually false. Here is one example:

Many large universities are signing up to the Chicago free speech principles:

You are worried about a fantasy scenario that is not happening, at least not to the degree you seem to imagine. Of course some take it too far. But to describe this as some kind of epic collapse in free speech and academic quality at all universities is just hysteria.

Students have always protested - they are young and want to make the world a better place. Sometimes they are misguided, of course. But these protests go back decades, at least - the soweto uprisings, the US student strike of 1970, the 1968 protests in France and Poland - it's a tale as old as time!

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