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General tranny hate thread.

175 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 00:18
You know, they don't have the option of not having to make the choice. Not doing anything is itself a choice, because then puberty happens all on its own. Having them all not do anything isn't you freeing them of the choice, but you choosing for them.

It's better that each individual be able to make the best possible choice given the information they have, on a case by case basis, with input from the child, parents, and medical professionals, than for politicians to force everyone down one path, ignoring individual differences, making everyone expedient to the system.

There's two kinds of potential errors, here:

- putting kids on blockers when they weren't trans
- not putting trans kids on blockers and letting puberty have its way

Both can cause trauma. Ultimately we want to minimize trauma of both types. Right now, the latter error is far more common. This situation usually means that you can reduce the latter error type incidence by a lot while increasing the former error type incidence by comparatively little.

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