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Did you listen to her speech brits?

130 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-26 22:04
Free Speech actually doesn't mean the right to say anything you want at all. It gives you a right to criticize and have a say into things
Wrong. Free Speech is not about speaking at all. It's about THINKING. Without the ability to speak freely, you can't THINK freely. Because when we speak we are conversing and talking things through so that we understand them. If you start clamping down on that they what you are essentially doing is restricting people's ability to Think. Which is what has happened in the UK and what has clearly happened to you. You view what nazi pug did as 'hate speech' when he was charged for saying something 'offensive' on the internet. 'Offensive' =/= hate.

I really am done with you now, because you won't refute or expand on your assertations or enter a real dialogue, because, like every ideologue, you know that logic and reason will tear apart your rhetoric, so instead you keep restating your claims and diverging to grand statements about hate-speech, which sounds all 'moral' and 'noble', but it is a diversionary tactic of a weak mind.

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