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Did you listen to her speech brits?

124 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-26 21:41
27. Now that the regime has been instantiated for a decent amount of time and people have largely gotten used to the changes I would start to reduce the military presence on the streets. A new police force will be hired and trained and there will be a transition towards them playing a ore active role in day to day peacekeeping. Of course, current police leadership has been shipped off to the job factory to be reassigned to a job which matches their capability. A new leadership that understand the new regiemes laws are brought in and reeducate lower officers on how things are tools, not weapons, unless it is used violently. People can carry around samurai swords if they really want to, so long as they are not intoxicated it's fine. A free society.

28. Now that things are settling down I would reopen international travel. Minimally at first. The visa system is overhauled and we run a really strict program where people have to have their return ticket booked and viewed when they enter. We will have a list of countries where the requirements for entry are stricter including a collatoral requirement (kind of like a bail bond) that they have to deposit to show they are going to leave at the end of their visa. Of course, anyone that tries to stay illegally gets a life sentence and their entire extended family is banned for life. They will never see their relatives again. No leniency. No Sympathy. No sob story about how hard it is in their home country. If their family creates a fuss then the criminal's sentence is upgraded to an execution.

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