It is common for people to vent about racial issues here.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-22 20:18
A lot of talk about "boons" and "nig nogs" has taken place here.

But by and large the 4ct community is dismissed as pretend racists and trolls.

Would you actually treat a person of color unpleasantly if they behaved in a normal polite manner upon meeting them?

Would you set different rules for a black child than you would for a white one, if you were in charge of their care IRL?

Or are you someone that believes that the individual should not be blamed for the actions of the group BUT are unwilling to keep your mouth shut about the behavior of communities, and hold the individuals of the community responsible for those behaviors?

Are you racist? Do you believe in actual superiority of a race, or do you simply shake your head when excuses are made the actions of colored communities?

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