Islam promotes killing people.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-09 12:20
The left don't want to hear this and the left don't want you to hear this too but Islam promotes killing people because of different believes, all Muslims are terrorists! and would not stop to think about killing you for insulting Islamic believes, unlike a Christian who would turn the other cheek, Islamic law promotes rape gangs as a act of keeping female population caged within it's own society.

The left overlooks the true facts of Islam, hoping to import millions into west to replace the non-left voters with docile voters who can be told who to vote for, they don't care the white population of Western nations will be replaced within there lifetime, because they don't have to live with the consequences of there decisions, hiding away from voters and immigrants in multi-million houses paid for by the voters they should be helping and not some thirdworlder who might vote for them.

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