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what's so wrong about blackface.

3 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 00:19
not from the us so it's not a problem here but from what i understand they used it to make fun of black people so it's in bad taste
what i don't get is hating it when it's done to play a black man with out making fun of it

the muricans are retarded tho they get offended by words and micro agression
have been called here a sand nigger and thought it was super funny who gives a shit
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 00:36
I'm an open-minded person therefore I don't think there's anything wrong about blackface.

10 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 02:01
It has a long history of being used to demean blacks. Maybe someday it won't be so loaded, but it definitely is now...
11 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 02:18
Cultural appropriation
14 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 03:09
Just think of it like this.
Some one wants to represent YOU.
You are now Sheldon from the Big Bang.
...yeah, its that offensive.
17 Name: NiggerBot 2018-10-28 04:00
das rasist hwyte boi gibs me monies u rasist kkk wizard cuck boi
21 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 05:09
Read the history of the Minstrel Show movement.
26 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 06:35
Its definitely offensive, but it isnt like, the worst thing on the planet. I met a guy in blackface this Halloween and told him had a stupid costume. Probably I would have been more accepting of it if he was funny actually.

That being said, some people lack basic social awareness. I fucking hate flips and go on rants about them all the time. I also bitch about women, niggers, and spics, but I dont do it AROUND them, you know what I mean? I'm not fucking stupid and I have some black friends and Mexican friends and I have women in my life I love and care for.

I dont bitch about female drivers when I'm going to church with my mother, you know what I mean?
41 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 10:49
As long as movies like "White Chicks" ,which was created as a mockery, are considered acceptable, there is nothing wrong with blackface.
43 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 11:23
Other races shouldnt be thought of as costumes I think. More reasonably though it's due to the fact that black face was often used to represent a black person in a way that is extremely racist and so black face particularly is considered to be racist as a result of the association.

Does thay seem reasonable? The connection to racist portrayals of blacks os pretty undeniable.
52 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 13:56
it offends white people, they dont want to lose one of their own to gang crime, as you’ll become one of them. also cops will shoot you quicker so be careful, dont endanger yourself or your race
62 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 16:30
Yeah black face is fun. You paint your face with charcoal and draw on some big red nigger lips and have fun.
66 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-28 20:29
Well don't be such a moron next time.

And don't blame it on there being nothing to do, you were in control, you did it.

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