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Black Lives Matter.

79 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:22

I want to know why dumb rednecks haven't assimilated into global society. Instead they just live in their trailer parks and shoot people over dumped mattresses.
80 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:15
because black people want racism to go away, but they keep creating racism.

they blame white cops for black-on-black deaths, meanwhile little DaQuanIsha is just sitting at his single mother's house learning this shit from her and growing up to be an entitled bitch who thinks the world owes him shit before he's even learned about slavery and gotten it in his head from that.

I agree with a lot of the shit BLM stands for, but I won't stand with them because of that simple fact. They're teaching their kids that the world shouldn't look at them differently for the color of their skin, but they're training their kids to do exactly that, just to white people.
81 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:22
if a white person wore the same shirt it would be labeled racist in .01 seconds. the double standards are the problem, nigger.
82 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:24
Because white lives matter is reactionary. Nobody said until after BLM became a thing because it triggered the rednecks who can't understand what a slogan means.
83 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:39
Like seriously why do blacks hate whites just for being white?
You could ask whites why they hate blacks just for being black. Invasion of Africa, two centuries of slavery in America, the KKK, lynchings, segregation, Blackface, assassinating MLK...
84 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:41
White person here.

Cracker isn't as offensive, same context as nigger, but I've been called a cracker, and other people called cracker, but it never resulted in violence.Only time i can see it happening is if you call a KKK member a cracker. IE someone who's a white supremacist.

But anyway- a white man's view on the whole thing.

I agree with you changing the letters, and you are right about whitelivesmatter/blacklivesmatter being triggering to the opposite race, It irritates me as well, because when spoken, you see the hypocrisy behind it. Such as:

You can't say that word because you aren't black.

No. It should be:

No one should say that word, because it's demeaning and causes arguements such as it.

Think about it: It's common to share cultures. Everyone does it, different foods, different words, different lives. Everyone wants to share. To take a word that was demeaning and turn it around to make it better is sounds good on paper, but not when all it does is remind everyone of past hate. Not only that, but the very ones who called black people niggers as slaves are gone, only reason it is used now is to demean them just like faggot is to demean a homosexual, or "CIS MALE" is used to demean a straight male, or "FEMANAZI" is used to demean a feminist. Don't matter. People who really aren't biased should just stop using those words, and if you do, expect other people to use them.

This isn't kindergarten. Just because you make a word, culture, food doesn't mean you are the only one who gets to take part, and if you don't want other people to take part, then don't flaunt it. Cause it's human nature to be like the people around you.
85 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:55
how about you do a single white thing in your life and read a book. Virtually every single black sold into slavery was sold by the arabs who grabbed blacks as slaves for close to a thousand years. Yea, how about you go guilt trip ISIS niggers, nigger?
86 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:59
because black people want racism to go away, but they keep creating racism.
proceeds to say "DaQuanIsha"
Nice one, you just kept creating racism
87 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:59

The entire purpose of the existence of cops is solely to capture slaves to assemble our cellphones and laptops for zero dollars an hour and keep cost down.

They have no duty or obligation to ever protect anyone from criminals, and Big Pharma openly bribes their unions to use violence and murder to terrorize Americans who use competitors nonaddicting herbal alternatives to opiates for pain.
88 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:01
Slavery was restricted to private-prison manufacturing plants by the 13th Amendment to the constitution to end the Civil War.

It was never abolished and continues today voraciously, fueled by and fueling a market of human trafficking.
89 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:01
Because every other race realized their lives mattered thousands of years ago, but for some unimaginable reason it took the nigger (first fucking humans on earth) until 2015 to realize their lives mattered! I think that's evidence that they're shit.
90 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02
Whites weren't forced to buy slaves.
Whites also weren't forced to give those slaves freedom of speech, freedom to act, and freedom to have the same rights as every other citizen.
Whites weren't forced to start wars.
Whites also weren't forced to help rebuild that was destroyed in such wars.
Whites don't have to call blacks niggers.
Whites also don't have to stand up against those whites that call blacks niggers.

You can replace whites with every other race btw. Blacks with any other race, and nigger with any other slang.
91 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02
damage control
Whites weren't forced to buy slaves, thanks for admitting their guilt.
92 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02

Bait or brainwashed cuck with so much whiteguilt he waste his pathetic life here shitposting, please, atleast shitpost the right way.
93 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:05
I'm not the same dude that was argueing with you. I don't believe his side either. However, my point in the post was not to provide "damage control" but to prove that humans do bad things to each other, but they also do good things as well, regardless of race.
94 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:12
don't forget it wasn't just the muzzy arabs, it was the jews too.

africa was nothing more than a huge reserve of slaves even before the euro's got there. if the muzzies and jews got there first, did the most damage, and perpetuated the slave trade into new territories, how is it that the euro's are blamed for the situation?

come to think of it, they were the first to try releasing the nigs from their bondage while slavery is still common in the muzzy world.

why the fuck does the white race even lend credence to the claim that they are responsible for the situation?
95 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:17
Why do whites 'get triggered' over BLM?
block off roads and cause traffic just to protest about a shitty movement
blacks are constantly killing eachother, but blame it on the whites
blacks blame whites for things whites did in the past (lynch mobs etc.), which whites nowadays have no control over.
blacks can be openly racist towards whites, but whites cannot in any way be racist to blacks
96 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:20
Black people in general are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more racist than white people in general. Black Lives Matter is just more proof because it puts them on a pedestal and insinuates that if you are not black, you don't matter, so shut up.
97 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:27
Your argument is; no one can point out how retarded our argument is before it's made. No shit sherlock. I will tell you a secret the whole universe is reactionary, one thing can only happen as an reaction to something so everything is reactionary, no social interaction is in a total vacuum. So stop using reactionary as an insult, mouthbreather.
98 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:29
slavery is wrong.
99 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:35
You're right, and everyone have done it, are you saying slavery is for whites? there are still african slavetrades til this day for other africans, are you talking about america? first slave owner was a blackman, most slavetraders was jewish in america, it was a status of wealth.
100 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:42
What countries other than the USA still practice slavery today?
Slave traders in America are called police, it is a status of respect.
101 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:44
I will Ignore this stupid comment to an extent, Africa is still practicing slavery til this very day, police should be a status of respect but sadly everyone is shitting on them for doing their fucking job.
102 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:48
You must be smoking pcp, if you truly believe that. If not use your small smooth brain and try to explain your reasoning, Dont forget to breathe, it goes in, out, put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
103 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:52
(different guy here just observing) Uuugghh. So much misdirected and muddled "logic". Wanna say something, but not worth arguing with an insane zealot. Logic cannot prevail in an argument with crazy.
104 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:55
For the same reason we don't call ourselves anglo-ameeicans or any of that shit. The entire good damn race war is you incompetent darkie faggots trying to base tour existence on your race. You know who gives a single fuck what your race is? Other people of your race who also like to exacerbate lbullshit for their financial gain. Literally go kill each other with that shit.
105 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:58
For the same reason we don't call ourselves anglo-ameeicans
Because white Americans just think themselves as true Americans even though they are the original anchor baby.
106 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:01
Fuck it we wasting time here about the problems in our society while China is going up full steam on the power ladder. This obviously proves that democracy is a failure and only a advantage to ofcourse the jewish parasites who never ever had a nation before.
107 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:09
Black lives are worth shit. If there were no white people how fucking would we live right now??? Like 5000BC you fucking idiots WHITE PEOPLE CREATED EVERYTHING
108 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:18
Why aren't you a coon-chaser yet /newpol/?
by fucking them you reduce their hatred towards the white man and increase the harmony in society
makes white women jealous; they will be more likely to go on diets and act like less of a bitch
good way to grow your confidence and testosterone levels without contributing to turning white women into sluts
109 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:21
110 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:24
I would totally date a black girl when there were some decent around my place.
Not there are no black girls in my neighborhood.
Just no decent ones that are singles.
111 Name: [email protected] 2018-09-29 16:30
because they wouldn't want my tiny white dick.
112 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:33
Their attitude is disgusting, no respect for anyone, loud as fuck.
113 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:35
That's why you use protection bra...
114 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:40
na. the decent black girls don't have aids. just the fat ones and the ones who look like gorillas have AIDS.
115 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 16:46
Id fuck her senseless and make her take me back to el dorado. That cosplay though.

PLus I always find it fascinating how many very attractive white girls are with some objectively extremely ugly lookin black dudes and b4 bbc there are plenty of good lookin white dudes with big dicks.
116 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-30 15:48
black people argue "white prilege" when in reality universities/jobs MUST accept a certain amount of minorities into their programs regardless of how qualified they are (meaning a more qualified white male would be side lined)
117 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-01 19:22
Does anyone wanna fill me in on the whole Kavanaugh shit? I’ve been living under a rock but I want to know why all the femtards are pissed again.
118 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-02 02:58
He raped several women at college parties, but it was like 30 years ago and nobody really cares anymore. Except that shitlibs are pretending to care to delay the nomination in hopes of winning the house and delaying the confirmation until a democrat becomes president. That's the long and short of it.
119 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-02 20:41
You need to be more specific.
120 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-03 03:32
Shitlibs = democrats.
121 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-03 06:24
122 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-06 19:42
Marxism is never ever taught in schools in the USA, as far as I ever heard from anyone ever. I'm from Europe and Marxism is never ever taught in schools here, and I don't think in university economics departments either.

You know that Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are full of shit, right? They are laughing about how much of a dope you are if you believe their obvious lies and manipulation.

I'm university educated - as a teacher, even! - and ALL of my Marxism comes from private study. I don't have any Marxist friends. People look at you funny when mentioned Marx in conversation, he is NEVER mentioned in public discourse, at least not as a moral or intellectual authority, and I'm from the Netherlands, perceived by many as a kind-of socialist society.

Even our own socialist party is hesitant to actually say the name Marx for fear of McCarthy smears - in the Netherlands!
123 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-09 22:49
i find myself always wondering back to my origins and culture but i see it could be hard for someone who has little notable history as the hispanic people who were once spaniards and the blacks who were once african, but more than that i notice they don't want to actually reflect on their native culture and substitute it with modern cultures
124 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-14 20:19
Black people are so fucking annoying. they're loud, obnoxious make shitty music, look fucking dumb, have no clue how to socialize like normal human beings, fucking kill each other. there is ZERO reason to like black people.
125 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-15 22:29
Guys the left is no better than the right. All politicians are after their own interests and will do whatever they need to do in order to personally benefit themselves. Remember this. No liberal politician "cares" about anything but themselves. Not Obama, not Hillary, not Cory Booker, not Pocahontas, not Beto.

And, it should go without saying but the media is giving you biased information and you should never believe what you are reading, regardless of where it is coming from.
126 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-16 06:44
fucking kill each other

That's one reason to like them.
127 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-16 16:48
Still not a good reason to like them, maybe stick them in the burners.
128 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-20 00:09
You ever hear about someone getting murdered and you go HOLY FUCK LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL like fucking oh my goddddddddd right??

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