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Black Lives Matter.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-20 00:00
They're only fighting back so hard right now (and mostly anonymously, I might add) because they see that true change is coming. Our people will no longer be contented by empty rhetoric and servile platitudes. Our movement grows stronger by the day. Not since the civil rights movement of the 1960s has America been forced so frequently to confront its bigoted and prejudiced laws and "norms."

Inter-racial relationships are skyrocketing across Europe and will soon do the same here in the United States. Once we've won their women we will win our freedom. Our FULL freedom.

Keep the pressure up. Keep filming these dirty cops shooting innocent black men. Keep posting the videos online. Keep recording the racist public outbursts we're subjected to every single day. Every viral video is a strike at the throat of white nationalism. Every editorial on race relations is a truth bomb on another insulated white community. And every piece of cable news coverage we get is more fuel for the fire to burn the ties that bind us once and for all and liberate our people from the boot of tyranny just as our great leaders have before us.

Now is our time. We know this, and they know this. That is why they are scared shitless.

2 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-20 05:14
Because they actually don't matter.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-20 10:49
Fuck off and die with your fucking bait, nigger
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-20 16:23
It's probably cause the organization sucks balls.
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-20 21:56
White people created nigger so it's theirs.
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-21 03:30
Now is our time. We know this, and they know this. That is why they are scared shitless.
That is racist.
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-21 11:50
This must be bait, you can't be this retarded.
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-21 20:10
I'm your Huckleberry
9 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-22 04:30
Why do these three simple words FUCKING TRIGGER white people so much?
Its like dumb people having an annoying movement that blocks traffic to tell us that 2+2=5.
10 Name: 4ct 2018-09-22 15:38
Here's the deal. Blacks are bad at existing in complex societies. Like really fucking bad, because they're not evolved for it. Asians can handle living in European societies, Middle Easterners can handle it, Pacific Islanders can handle it, all of them with varying degrees of difficulty- but not Africans. You act like fools unless you're forced by the state to adhere to civilizational norms, and even then you lag behind other races.

The most prosperous states in the history of Sub-Saharan Africa were white colonial states. Now that the Chinese are colonizing Africa, Chinese colonial states are starting to catch up, but it's never sub-Saharan Africans alone. There's an island in the Caribbean. One side, Haiti, is an undeveloped hellscape populated mostly by pure-blooded Africans (slave revolt, the slaves killed all the white people and then all the mulattoes). The other side, the Dominican Republic, is the typical Caribbean mishmash of African, Amerindian, and European and it's significantly less bad. It's not a paradise, but it's not Haiti.

Haiti, South Africa, the former Rhodesia, Detroit, Baltimore. All polities that were once ruled by whites, and are now ruled by blacks. All of them were once prosperous and all of them are now rotting. Black lives may matter, but they clearly matter negatively.
11 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 02:46
We'll see about that in just a few more years. The name of the game right now is changing public perception and, I don't know if you've noticed or not, but y'all muthafuckas losing ROYALLY.
12 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 08:20
The Dominican-Haitian border.
The Dominicans have energy extraction operations, the Haitians cut down trees.

You misread the nature of modern politics. The public is not a unified organ- rather than being continuously dragged down the path of multiculti, it's a race to the fringes.
13 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 11:07

Why does this simple word FUCKING TRIGGER NIGGERS so much? It's a single fucking word.
14 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 13:54
15 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 16:41
the word bigger is reserved for black people

Stop appropriating my culture.
16 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 19:28
Peanut brain detected
Nigger is either offensive or it's not
Pick one
The idea that a word is reserved for only certain people is why you are an absolute joke
Black lives matter?
Sure, tell them to stop killing eachother
Over 60% of all murders done by blacks even though they represent about 10% of the population
17 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-23 22:15
Life in it self does not matter.

Blacks are victimizing them self like if it was 1950s. You have all opportunity in present time.

The colored kill them self like nothing every day by the thousands, it's very hipocritical.

What makes the negro so special when around the world mass massacre is occurring.

Every one struggles with tribalism, don't act like blacks don't talk n treat other races like crap, I've witnessed this first hand.

That's why BLM is crap. Any life is worthless, stop living in you Disneyland fantasy.
18 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 01:01
Sure, black lives do matter. Now it's time for you niggers to start acting like it.
19 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 03:48
Stop telling white people that black lives matter and start convincing blacks...
20 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 06:35
Early civil rights leaders talked about blacks and whites living together. "Black Lives Matter" implies that white lives don't matter.

I thought this way until I realized the novelty of the statement. When the evening news talks about a black guy getting shot it should mean something. Black lives matter as more than just a litmus test on whether I should drive through the south side.
21 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 09:22
You can't do that though. Facts are racist to niggers and libtards.
22 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 12:09
(except when killed by other blacks)
23 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 14:56
same reason you hate the KKK
its just another hate supremacy group
24 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 17:43
Inter-racial relationships are skyrocketing across Europe
That's one way of describing rapes.
25 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 20:30
Endless videos of blacks assaulting whites for no reason. Enourmous gap in crime rates between blacks and whites when blacks are a much smaller part of the total population.
Not to mention niggers can be openly racist against whites with no consequences.

26 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-24 23:16
This is still a thing?
27 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 02:03
Are... Are you retarded? Are you literally fucking retarded? Why the hell would you even say that?
28 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 04:50
If you have to have an entire platform to prove that your life matters, it doesn't.
29 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 07:37
Because it actually dosent matters
30 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 10:24
I will pretend you actually want a conversation.

The slogan sucks and makes people defensive because it accuses the person who reads the words, of not thinking black lives matter, before they have even been given a chance to think so in the first place.

If the slogan had been something like Police the Police, or Stop Police Killing Blacks, then all sorts of people would have nodded their head and joined in and all the energy would have been spent protesting and marching and trying to get laws changed etc.

But instead I saw 2 years of facebook arguing. White people who totally think that black lives happen to matter... thought so because all lives matter INCLUDING black ones, and were offended that the slogan was insinuating that blacks were supposedly an exception to most whites.

The slogan is a manipulative ploy, like when a girlfriend shouts "You don't love me AT ALL!!!" and then she waits for you to spend the next while begging and pleading how you really love her.
31 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 13:11
Why do these three simple words FUCKING TRIGGER white people so much?
To piss off a conservative, lie to them.
To piss off a liberal, tell them the truth.
Black lives don't matter.
32 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 15:58
Niggers aren't even human.
33 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 18:46
No Justice, No Peace

Implying you would win in a fight.

Why don’t you stick to drivebys in your own neighborhoods you nignog.
34 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-25 21:34
God dam niggers are so dumb. Even in the hearing for kavanaugh that democrat sen cory nigger was the dumbest person in that audience. Clearly a low iq nigger with no argumentation skills. Democrats are pathetic. And that staged elevator confrontation by that Italian bitch was just pathetic. Low iq niggers and evil jew insects with no decency nor dignity. These are the true enemies of America.
35 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 00:21
Not a feminism thread, but fuck feminism until it stops blaming all men for a few cunts that rape, and accepts that men and boys get raped as well.

36 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 03:07
Because no lives matter
37 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 05:54
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
38 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 08:41
They don't trigger me but nobody ever said they dont matter and their own culture doesnt value black lives. Even the ones that are established who aren't violent still encourage and embrace niggardly primitive ways. I"ve actually lived and and worked around blacks my whole life though so what the fuck do I know?
39 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 11:28
Unironically Based and Redpilled

thinking anyone outside your own immediate gives a flying fuck about you or your life no matter what your race is

Stop watching tv
40 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 14:15
that triggers no one i mean who gives a fuck about niggers
41 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 17:02
For the same reason some of us can't talk about gay "marriage", they are both false memes that run contrary to reality and common sense.
42 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 19:49
Don't be a terrorist organization then
43 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-26 22:41
The words don't trigger us faggot, the fact that you think they trigger me triggers me.
I don't a fuck about your homeless, smelly race.
44 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 01:28
Keep the nigger population low and under control in the sake of the progress of mankind. We lose our advance in technology to slant eyes because of fucking subhuman scum what leeches off our resources. When the democrats win then this nation goes forever into the shitter.
45 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 04:15
innocent black men KEK
if black, obviously is not innocent
46 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 07:02
That's why leftists need to stop worrying about abortion being made illegal. It isn't going to happen because the vast majority of abortions are niggers. How could fewer niggers possibly be a bad thing?
47 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 09:48
I don't give a shit about niggers. They ruin everything, the subhuman shits. I care about my family and my volk.
48 Name: [email protected] 2018-09-27 12:36
Black lives do matter, but every single argument that they make is a bold faced lie or outright racist against themselves. It's stupid and childish and I just can't support a movement that equates to the retarded child in the corner of the sandbox eating sand and complaining that the sand tastes bad.
49 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 15:23
"Black Lives Matter" implies that white lives don't matter.
This like saying an organisition like Make A Wish foundation implies adults with cancer don't matter.
50 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-09-27 18:10
Nice meme, Cletus. Conservacucks believe a lot of lies
51 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 20:57
Endless videos of blacks assaulting whites for no reason.
Endless photos of whites lynching blacks for no reason
52 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-27 23:44

Well, I'm white, and those three words don't trigger me.
As a matter of fact, I support BLM and everything it stands for.
But I guess that just doesn't fit your narrative, where all whites are racists keeping the black man down....
So who's the real racist eh buddy?
53 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 02:31
I’m not sure it “triggers” most people.

But I think people might object to the idea that black peoples lives need some special attention. That is, black people kill more white people than the inverse, and nobody seems to be bothered by that. Also, most black people are killed by other black people. Again, who cares, right? So, do black lives matter?
54 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 05:17
That is, black people kill more white people than the inverse, and nobody seems to be bothered by that.
How many white on black murders from slavery and lynch mobs are you ignoring there, Bobby-Joe?
55 Name: RedCream 2018-09-28 08:05
All polities that were once ruled by whites, and are now ruled by blacks. All of them were once prosperous and all of them are now rotting
It's almost as if whites are good at fucking up social infrastructure so it never recovers.
56 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 10:52

Why do these three simple words FUCKING TRIGGER black people so much?

Oh, and your movement is a joke based on a fallacy.
57 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 13:39
I’m sorry. It’s 2018. I don’t know of any lunch mobs this year.

Also, I do not have a time machine so I cannot travel back in time and stop slavery. If I’m born in the 90’s how is this my fault? Should I ignore the violence of today so I can dwell on the violence of the past? If my great grandfather shot your great grandfather in the knee, and burned his barn down can you shoot me in the knee and burn my garage down? Is that how it works? A childish game of “eye for an eye”, that never, ever ends?
58 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 16:26
Because niggers don't matter..

We have tried to lift up the Black race through affirmative action, civil rights legislation and government programs on employment, fair housing and equal access to education.

The Great Society legislative program of the 1960s was aimed almost exclusively at creating equality and opportunity for Black people. Some Black Americans, or Negros as they were called back then, availed themselves of these opportunities and advance themselves. Many however did not. They stayed in their neighborhoods and complained about having to apply themselves to get ahead. They destroyed their own communities by selling drugs and fathering children out of wedlock. Violence ensued as they fought each other over street corners from which to sell drugs. To increase their idea of economic opportunity they became thieves and burglars. In short they demonstrated they were incapable of being lifted up. Their are Black people who pursue education and opportunities and there are Black people who do not.

The latter group contributes nothing to society and that is why their lives don't matter.

Before you reply with a racist comment I will mention I am a 34 year old African American man.
59 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 19:13
Dumb brainwashed cuck. You don't seem to understand the how slavery, segregation and lack of funding from the government (like, proper funding, not hand-outs) meant poor education in black communities since the government wouldn't fund schools in those areas. Poorly educated people make bad parents and raise children badly. It was a cycle and discrimination caused it.
60 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-28 22:01
The world was still developing an idea of morallity in terms of racial division. You can't blame white people for treating blacks like lesser beings, when we first came in contact with them they were pretty much animals. It took years of moral adaption, and evolution for both blacks and white to get to this point but black people just want an excuse to revert back to their animal like behavior.
61 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 00:48
you can't blames racists for being their retarded selves
Of course I can, apologist.

but black people just want an excuse to revert back to their animal like behavior.
Whatever skinhead
62 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 03:37
Why do you keep blaming government assistance for the fact that poor living and social standards just stem from black culture regardless? At this point, they could have turned around and became better people but they're still living in slums selling crack to each other, with no interest in bettering their communities.
63 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 06:24
This, anyone who disagree with this is a nigger, brainwashed goycuck, a women or a JEW.
64 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 08:24
Why should I set aside black lives when they refuse to do the same? Why should we value their life over our own or others? Go back to Africa and live like your ancestors, but you won't because you couldn't handle it. Be glad you are inside this country and not on a continent filled with starvation, malaria, aids ECT. Be pissed at the white man when you are the idiots making stupid fucking decisions, forming street tribes( gangs ) and murdering each other and pointing the finger at whites
65 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 09:14
Why do you keep blaming government assistance for the fact that poor living and social standards just stem from black culture regardless?
Except they don't. Plenty of white trailer trash and homeless people in America. Try again, Billy-Bob.
66 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 11:11
The Africans sold their own people as slaves to other black Americans or Jews, most slave traders in america was Jewish.
67 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 11:28
win their women
Can't mix with your own kind. Weakness disgusts me
68 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 11:45
Why did blacks have stronger families and healthy communities during the very real oppression of segregation but they don't now after welfare and civil rights?
69 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 12:02
Those white people aren't complaining and blaming everyone else for their poor choices :^). Try again Tyrone. Even rich successful black families manage to glorify murder and drug abuse.
70 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 12:19

Studies have demonstrated that unarmed black people are no more likely than unarmed white people to be killed by police during the course of arrest. Nonetheless, excessive force by police is a serious problem in the US, and I'm grateful for the BLM movement for shining a light on it. But there is little evidence that racism is the primary driver of this problem, and that's where I have a problem with the BLM movement. By making it about race, they take an issue that should unite us and instead let it divide us. I also blame the media for selective reporting.
71 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 12:36
goalpost shifting
Try again Tyrone.
Looks like you have to try again, Cletus, because I'm white.
rich whites don't use drugs
72 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 12:53
There are many white people who feel like they need to be a part of everything. In the 80s there was "it's a black thing you wouldnt understand", and it drove white people crazy because "why can't I understand? That's racist!". Every time black folks try to strike out on their own with a movement, going all the way back to the Black Panthers, white people become butt blasted and do their best to demonize, marginalize, and dismantle it.
73 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 13:01
I'm white
I'm not
Goal post shifting

I never said rich white people don't use drugs, but black people literally blame the government for introducing crack into their neighborhoods yet drug abuse is still a big aspect of their culture. At least rich white people aren't blaming everyone else for their problems.
74 Name: Nigger Joe 2018-09-29 13:13
Black dude here.. and I don't support the movement, only a few concepts.

Why? Honestly, because you sound like this:


Why do these three simple words FUCKING TRIGGER black people so much? It stings them. Blacks can't bring themselves to even say the words (unless they're disparaging it or scoffing at it). Why is that? Their inability to speak the words speaks volumes of their diseased hearts and minds. In their hearts it is untrue. Black lives don't matter to them.

This is exactly why we need WHITE LIVES MATTER.

Because they don't fucking matter to black people. We're just a bunch of fucking crackers.

Like seriously why do blacks hate whites just for being white? Why do black people call whites crackers for behaving the same way as other black people behave?
And don't give me that bullshit about "cracker isn't about skin color. There are white crackers, Chinese crackers, Indian crackers, etc", we all know that that's what blacks say in order to escape a beatdown when they are caught by a white man saying "cracker". It's reserved for white people and you know it.


And it's just stupid to sound like that.
75 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 13:27
but black people literally blame the government for introducing crack into their neighborhoods
They did though. Look up it.

You'll deny it but then you'll claim the gubermint will send in the tanks if you don't have your guns, right Cletus?
76 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 13:36
good point.

at this time blacks have had a chance to assimilate into the global society and yet they haven't. For a hundred years they've had equal opportunity to become well functioning and contributing members of society.

what i'd like to know from all the black apologists is why this is the case. every opportunity has been presented, yet blacks remain at a level just above what is considered feral. Why?

don't think you can
77 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 13:46
No, I've never owned a fire arm and probably never will. I'm not denying it either, I'm just saying black communities are doing nothing but pointing the finger and aren't actually improving their own culture and people. Even today, it's like they don't even want an education.
78 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:05
There was a time when whites had more fatherless children than blacks. I mean fuck look at MLK and the civil rights movement. Black people well dressed using well spoken arguments and peaceful means to argue that society should be colorblind despite real violent oppression then compare that to the blm protests and how despite having equal rights they shriek in broken english and destroy their own city.
79 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:22

I want to know why dumb rednecks haven't assimilated into global society. Instead they just live in their trailer parks and shoot people over dumped mattresses.
80 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:15
because black people want racism to go away, but they keep creating racism.

they blame white cops for black-on-black deaths, meanwhile little DaQuanIsha is just sitting at his single mother's house learning this shit from her and growing up to be an entitled bitch who thinks the world owes him shit before he's even learned about slavery and gotten it in his head from that.

I agree with a lot of the shit BLM stands for, but I won't stand with them because of that simple fact. They're teaching their kids that the world shouldn't look at them differently for the color of their skin, but they're training their kids to do exactly that, just to white people.
81 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:22
if a white person wore the same shirt it would be labeled racist in .01 seconds. the double standards are the problem, nigger.
82 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:24
Because white lives matter is reactionary. Nobody said until after BLM became a thing because it triggered the rednecks who can't understand what a slogan means.
83 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:39
Like seriously why do blacks hate whites just for being white?
You could ask whites why they hate blacks just for being black. Invasion of Africa, two centuries of slavery in America, the KKK, lynchings, segregation, Blackface, assassinating MLK...
84 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:41
White person here.

Cracker isn't as offensive, same context as nigger, but I've been called a cracker, and other people called cracker, but it never resulted in violence.Only time i can see it happening is if you call a KKK member a cracker. IE someone who's a white supremacist.

But anyway- a white man's view on the whole thing.

I agree with you changing the letters, and you are right about whitelivesmatter/blacklivesmatter being triggering to the opposite race, It irritates me as well, because when spoken, you see the hypocrisy behind it. Such as:

You can't say that word because you aren't black.

No. It should be:

No one should say that word, because it's demeaning and causes arguements such as it.

Think about it: It's common to share cultures. Everyone does it, different foods, different words, different lives. Everyone wants to share. To take a word that was demeaning and turn it around to make it better is sounds good on paper, but not when all it does is remind everyone of past hate. Not only that, but the very ones who called black people niggers as slaves are gone, only reason it is used now is to demean them just like faggot is to demean a homosexual, or "CIS MALE" is used to demean a straight male, or "FEMANAZI" is used to demean a feminist. Don't matter. People who really aren't biased should just stop using those words, and if you do, expect other people to use them.

This isn't kindergarten. Just because you make a word, culture, food doesn't mean you are the only one who gets to take part, and if you don't want other people to take part, then don't flaunt it. Cause it's human nature to be like the people around you.
85 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:55
how about you do a single white thing in your life and read a book. Virtually every single black sold into slavery was sold by the arabs who grabbed blacks as slaves for close to a thousand years. Yea, how about you go guilt trip ISIS niggers, nigger?
86 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:59
because black people want racism to go away, but they keep creating racism.
proceeds to say "DaQuanIsha"
Nice one, you just kept creating racism
87 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 14:59

The entire purpose of the existence of cops is solely to capture slaves to assemble our cellphones and laptops for zero dollars an hour and keep cost down.

They have no duty or obligation to ever protect anyone from criminals, and Big Pharma openly bribes their unions to use violence and murder to terrorize Americans who use competitors nonaddicting herbal alternatives to opiates for pain.
88 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:01
Slavery was restricted to private-prison manufacturing plants by the 13th Amendment to the constitution to end the Civil War.

It was never abolished and continues today voraciously, fueled by and fueling a market of human trafficking.
89 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:01
Because every other race realized their lives mattered thousands of years ago, but for some unimaginable reason it took the nigger (first fucking humans on earth) until 2015 to realize their lives mattered! I think that's evidence that they're shit.
90 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02
Whites weren't forced to buy slaves.
Whites also weren't forced to give those slaves freedom of speech, freedom to act, and freedom to have the same rights as every other citizen.
Whites weren't forced to start wars.
Whites also weren't forced to help rebuild that was destroyed in such wars.
Whites don't have to call blacks niggers.
Whites also don't have to stand up against those whites that call blacks niggers.

You can replace whites with every other race btw. Blacks with any other race, and nigger with any other slang.
91 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02
damage control
Whites weren't forced to buy slaves, thanks for admitting their guilt.
92 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:02

Bait or brainwashed cuck with so much whiteguilt he waste his pathetic life here shitposting, please, atleast shitpost the right way.
93 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:05
I'm not the same dude that was argueing with you. I don't believe his side either. However, my point in the post was not to provide "damage control" but to prove that humans do bad things to each other, but they also do good things as well, regardless of race.
94 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:12
don't forget it wasn't just the muzzy arabs, it was the jews too.

africa was nothing more than a huge reserve of slaves even before the euro's got there. if the muzzies and jews got there first, did the most damage, and perpetuated the slave trade into new territories, how is it that the euro's are blamed for the situation?

come to think of it, they were the first to try releasing the nigs from their bondage while slavery is still common in the muzzy world.

why the fuck does the white race even lend credence to the claim that they are responsible for the situation?
95 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:17
Why do whites 'get triggered' over BLM?
block off roads and cause traffic just to protest about a shitty movement
blacks are constantly killing eachother, but blame it on the whites
blacks blame whites for things whites did in the past (lynch mobs etc.), which whites nowadays have no control over.
blacks can be openly racist towards whites, but whites cannot in any way be racist to blacks
96 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:20
Black people in general are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more racist than white people in general. Black Lives Matter is just more proof because it puts them on a pedestal and insinuates that if you are not black, you don't matter, so shut up.
97 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:27
Your argument is; no one can point out how retarded our argument is before it's made. No shit sherlock. I will tell you a secret the whole universe is reactionary, one thing can only happen as an reaction to something so everything is reactionary, no social interaction is in a total vacuum. So stop using reactionary as an insult, mouthbreather.
98 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:29
slavery is wrong.
99 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:35
You're right, and everyone have done it, are you saying slavery is for whites? there are still african slavetrades til this day for other africans, are you talking about america? first slave owner was a blackman, most slavetraders was jewish in america, it was a status of wealth.
100 Name: Anonymous 2018-09-29 15:42
What countries other than the USA still practice slavery today?
Slave traders in America are called police, it is a status of respect.

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