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Grenfell tower 9/11

26 Name: Anonymous 2017-06-17 19:56
What I fucking hate about black people is that they don't realize how privileged they are. Scholarships are easy, jobs are easy because of racial quotas, and government assisted checks. They just never go for it because being a thug is cooler to black kids than being a regular member of society. Not even to mention they get more attention in school so schools can have higher minority scores. Ugh, shit pisses me off when they play the "oppressed" card. Fucking niggers.
Am I a bad person for thinking this? I mean, the thing they hate whites for is slavery, right? What if they didn't have slavery? They would currently be dying in huts made of shit from malaria. In the end, we culturally uplifted black people, leaving them better off in the grand scheme of things. am- am I an asshole for thinking this way? Am I wrong?

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