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The great wall of U.S.A.

44 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-12 02:26
Most of the arguments are the exact same arguments you always see presented here which when examined with literally any critical thinking skills are logically inconsistent. You only think so because that post confirms your biases. Obviously there are problems with the wall but realistically when you get down to it what did that post solve? What was the point?

The irony is most of you didn't acknowledge my original post but then claim "le this post will be ignored cause i think its smrt xdddd". None of you probably even bothered to look at the graph. Assuming the wall is the estimate that anon claimed at $25B which by the way is the maximum possible estimate (He blatantly cherry picks) but $25B doesn't even scratch our annual expenditure and that's assuming it will all be spent and over in one year.

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