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The great wall of U.S.A.

109 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-22 10:57
Or fixing the fucking planet since were absolutely nowhere near any capacity for getting a colony of people successfully distributed to any other planet anywhere and having any chance of survival with the current state of affairs and the way we educate the masses?

People like you disgust me, you act so much like you have it figured out then you propose something as outrageous as 'colonizing space' when we can barely maintain the planet we live on.

Motherfucker when we no longer have a money system, and an educational system that is widely centered around the true sciences and is not such a ridiculous patchwork of misinformation, AND in place of the money system we have a true economy which equitably distributes resources based on a calculated series of algorithms (which we already use on a massive scale, with money value as an interchangeable factor) THEN and ONLY THEN can we realistically ever have the conversation about "how do we now colonize space?"

We are so far away from that point with the public mindset in mind that it is ludicrous to even mention it.

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