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Donald J Trump

779 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 17:21
TO what end? Chevy is a Chineese company now. Again, 7 Billion dollars to prop up a company thats STILL failing and is moving operations to Chiina.
They should have been allowed to fail. There are better cars out there, apparently.

More poorfags are able to work now, the jobs numbers show thousands of unfilled jobs waiting for labor force- monthly. Why? what causes so many companies to invest in the future now?

You are bogged down in fiction and fantasy political theory. The people will rise if given the opportunity. Nobody wants to be poor. There are redundant services for the ones who legitimately can't. Most who don't can, if given the chance, they will.

Stop letting the dysfunction be defined as "the new normal". Start inspiring them to do for themselves.

You put too much weight in cynicism and believe the dysfunction is ok. Its not.

Education needs to be improved. We need to expect more from the people. Stop treating them like cattle. They are humans and have needs, including the need to have meaning. The socialist model kills everything about self worth. It is ironic how it goes against human needs.

Just saying.

Howard Schultz, friend. Look him up. Tell your friends.

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