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Donald J Trump

778 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 17:03
Well the Obama plan wasn’t about reducing deficits and trying to say that Clinton had creates the foundations of a credit bubble is hardly going to fly as he still was succesful as a non partisan leader.
Obama’s plan was to save the car industry. He saved it.
Also the ACA was a monumental achievement for America.
While dumb fags want to buy into the indoctrination that one is better than the other they probably would serve their interests better by enabling their options by not being so daft. Then again its a catch 22. As a banker Idgaf really. My shares give me more weight than a single democratic vote. America is a business its not a democracy.
There is a doctrine of neoliberalism (same as neoconservatism but the brand was destroyed by bushw)
there is strength through allegiances
and the reformation by trump right now amusingly undwrmines poorfags
but poorfags most of them belong to the prole class so they get to live in squalor without recourse. Its like Mike Judges Idiocracy. America needs a lot of dumb people
that is part of the process
this agitation buying into left or right or lib and con
is just
dupers duping dupees
cut and pasting a Newt Gingrich talking point repeated throughout the early 2000s is kond of like how Trump is trying to divide les safe democratic reps in red states with the fear “socialism” is rearing its ugly head in America and linking it to the kleptocracy of Venezuela. Which is kind of like any brand with its policy work.
Like how China adopted capitalist reforms and still identifies its lelf as a communist state.
But I digress
working fags in the 35-50k realm in their 30s are fucked
they are going to be replaced by automation pretty fast
i suggest drug dealing or other entrepeneural means while cash is still a thing
maybe throw some at crypto because its at its lows stay away from the alt coins
then go with pot stocks & insulin companies

ACB large farming bot facilities can supply all demand
MNKD FDA approved inhalor

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