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Donald J Trump

774 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 15:35
Oh, a genius here? Well let me educate you a little.

The mortgage crisis began with banking regulations put in place under Clinton and was further exasperated by the Dodd/Frank power grab.
To be fair, they also had to get some republican votes- like any shit policy some idiot RINO type signs on (i.e. Roberts with the "Obamacare")

Stimulus packages simply spent moneys over the budget proving up billionaire corporations and labeled them "too big to fail" (remember?). I will submit to you had they been allowed to fail others would have cropped up and fed the market need. The government is simply picking winners and losers based on how many votes they think they can get if they use the tax money of future generations now. The deficit never shrunk under Obama. The unemployment rate simply exploded when tax policy changed. Businesses slowed/stopped investment in expansion. The only thing historic waste unemployment rate until they fixed the number and stopped counting unemployed people "no longer looking for work".

Prove me wrong. Maybe learn something while you research.

Now if you are through parroting

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