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Yuri M. Kuznetsov becomes public enemy #1 of textboards

2 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-25 00:24
2190 Ellington Way
Knoxville, TN 37932

Yuri Kuznetsov develops "anonymous style" software to collect information on vulnerable people (teenagers, the mentally ill, children, perverts) who believe his network is "safe" for them to use, due to the anonymous face and the HTTPS certificate. However, he has used his slave labor to fill Kokonotsuba software with browser fingerprinting, IP loggers, stylometric analysis, etc to identify users of his site so he can sell collected data or use to blackmail prospective Kuznetsov Crime Family slaves. Similar to "Reiko" feud that swept through Discord, where groomers extorted a group of minors who were silenced and forced to work as underage cyber sex slaves for tiers of massive proportions . The Western internet still doesn't know who Kuz is or why they should avoid him.

Kuz requires new "employees" to install a Linux tool to "interface" with Heyuri developer team, it's really a packet sniffer that can be used to activate ransom-ware like features.

The Kuznet: -- network entrance -- main operation -- analyze this! -- easy target -- high priority

Also: #ru #heyuri

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