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Yuri M. Kuznetsov becomes public enemy #1 of textboards

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-25 00:23 -- 1 -- 0

Kuz is a bitch who manipulates disabled NEETs into providing high-value labor in exchange for empty promises of compensation. When his ``employees" face dire circumstances, and beg for kuz to deliver on his end of the bargain, kuz :
(a) blackmails,
(b) threatens,
(c) plays games,
(d) bitches out,
(e) all of the above

Kuz is a bitch. Alleged dox:
Yuri M. Kuznetsov
DOB 1988-06-30
Loc : East Tennessee , USA

Kuz spam attack (targeted Meltingwax, Tokiko, Cole, and finnanon)
1624573495 - 1624574271 -- 12 minutes and 56 seconds. 42 threads create at the alarming rate of 3.25 threads per minute. Kuz was most definitely using a large number of IP addresses in an effort to circumnavigate the website's anti-virus and anti-spam protection technology to deliver spam and disrupt regular service, raising cull's VPS bill.

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