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Oumou Kanoute Lied about racism for 'eating while black'

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-02-25 12:21
Oumou Kanoute claimed she was targeted in July 2018 for 'eating while black'

Kanoute was a student at the $80,000-a-year all women Smith College

She went into an empty cafeteria which was reserved for a summer school

Kanoute was seen by a janitor who reported someone in the closed canteen

He called security, as he was told to, and another janitor arrived to speak to her

That night Kanoute said Facebook that she was made unwelcome at the school

She said the cafe worker was racist for informing her the room was closed

In October 2018 independent investigators cleared all those involved

The cafe worker, who suffers from lupus, was hospitalized with stress

A janitor who was not present during the incident was forced from his job

Another teacher quit after forced seminars about unconscious bias

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