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What would be the best alternative ?

17 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-03 19:15
maybe he just doesn't want to go to jail for allow c p

the fact that so many people have obviously been uploading bad shit and until now think they have got away with it is beyond believable

i can see so many of them in the news in the next few months and am going to just kek about it,

c a doesn't have any place in our world, it's wrong on so many levels, and the fact so many on here still want to see it like op (who is more than likely a fbi agent trying to tease out some hidden sites from the more retarded of you)

i hope they all get caught

i like to come here because for the most part it's safe
i know pedo's don't last long, and are reported and any bad shit is usually dealt with in a matter of seconds unlike some sites in the past

we are heading for a new age
an age without child abuse

get used to it you sick bastards
or neck yourselves!

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