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DMX death from the covid-19 vaccine.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-11 00:55
DMX foretold his death from the covid vaccine and the mandatory vaccine passports being implemented now in his hit song "X Gon Give it to Ya".

Yeah, don't get it twisted (your masks ear loops)
It's not a fuckin' game. Fuck what you heard! (debunking anti vaccine rumors)
X gon' give it to ya What? Fuck waitin' for you to get it on your own, X gon' deliver to ya (referencing mobile vaccination sites ie; nursing homes)
Knock knock, open up the door, it's real (the door to your immune system)
With the non-stop (number of vaccination higher than projected)
, pop-pop of stainless steel (pop used twice to mirror the 2 dose vaccine)
But I got such a good heart that I'll make a motherfucker wonder if he did it (good heart = not likely to have heart attack. Heart attack was caused by DMX receiving the vaccine
Break bread with the enemy (rival companies working together on vaccine)
You motherfuckers never wanted nothin', but your life saved (low/no cost vaccine clinics)
"Freeze!" (Vaccines requiring Low temperature storage)
I ain't got it, so you can't get it (he is vaccinated and cannot spread covid)
Hit it with full strength (rate at which government roll out of vaccine)
You against me, me against you (pro and anti vaccine groups debating)
I've been doin' this for 19 years (Covid-19 reference)
Niggas wanna fight me? Fight these tears (people angry at governors putting covid positive patients into nursing homes (NY,PA ect) and their crying over lost loved ones)
I put in work, and it's all for the kids ($129 billion for schools in the covid relief bill)
Don't give up, you're too strong (keep wearing the mask, covid is still a threat)
Shout out to niggas that done it (people who took the vaccine)
First, we gonna rock, then we gonna roll (rock = show vaccination passport, roll = enter place of business)

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