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Why is music nowadays so shit?

12 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-23 14:30
Music it shit for the same reason everything is shit. There are disproportionate representations of minorities in all media targeted at whites. White people are the majority spenders and bread winners. Businesses encourage multiculturalism to divide and weaken white culture.

Blacks and browns are weak and poor, easy to manipulate. If they make whites weak and poor, then they can finish their control dynamic without fear of resistance.

Listen to music made by 15% of the pop. living in ghettos is why music is getting bad. Best you can do is not listen. Vote with your wallet as best you can.

I would suggest moving but the other decent countries are being flooded with bomb making acid throwing sand niggers.

Iceland appears bearable in the warmer months. No clue where to go in the winter that isn't a shithole.

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