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You people are so blind by your nostalgia.

24 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-22 20:35
you do know that every person you mention is an industry "flavor or the month" right? in any industry, any young and upcoming personality is ruthlessly pushed on the public in an effort to maximize a profit from the relationships. surprisingly america falls for it almost every time.
your admiration and loyalty to these manufactured celebrities is astounding, but a waste of your time, money and intellect. it's time you red pilled, faggot.
you are programmed to consume the newest fads, no matter how bad the product actually is. you've been trained to reject the new in favor of the old, even if that's disadvantageous.

you're a consumer. that's nothing to be proud of, and in fact, you will be ignored by any and everyone who has even an inkling that this life is about more than being caught up in the celebrity worship that occurs in the temple of self gratification.

tldr: it's all fake, and you're caught up in it.
time to grow up little faggot.

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