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You people are so blind by your nostalgia.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-22 19:09
2Pac, biggie, they were good for their time but just like Lebron James vs Micheal Jordan debate, the older generation can never admit it.

You see, you people are so blind by your nostalgia that you think your old senseless music was any good. 2 Pac is shit compared to XXXTentacion that in a year X become a success in not only music but as an actor, writer, and signer. If he wasn't murdered he would have surpassed 2wack.

Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Travis Scott, These are all artist that didn't have to put up a front to the audience and have this mask of being a gang banger. Like Dr. Dre or Suge Knite.

Even this generations rap groups have surpassed the old. NWA? Move aside you old fucks Migos is here. You want to talk about some gangster shit? Whats worse? getting jumped by 4 niggas and a midget or get fucked up by 3 men of talent that dress like bootleg Prince? You know you won't ever talk back to a cross dresser after Migos pulls that cap back.

Women of Rap? Cardi-b and Nicki Minaj both alone have recived more awards than anything the women of rap in the past have ever accomplished.

Now, a new face has entered the rap game. An individual that is slowly becoming a phenomenon. BLue Face is "The next big thing" and it hurts you old fucks.

It hurts knowing that your old ass dusty generation wasn't so great after all. It hurts that you people are not the spot light anymore and it hurts knowing no one gives a fuck about the shit music your past had.

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