Someone stalking me through /lounge/.

1 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 14:30
How do I deal with someone stalking me through /lounge/ and using applications to trace all of my posts? This boy is super mad and it's getting sort of annoying like a fly that won't go away.
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 14:31
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 14:32
He'll probably stop stalking if you if you suck his dick.
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 15:44
Take your pills.
5 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 16:07
Context of guy stalking?
I made a joke one day that really triggered him, guy went absolutely psycho on me and sperged out and has been on my butthole ever since.
It's like he made it his life mission to go out of his way to stalk my shit as if it gives him any gains in his life. I don't know what programs he uses, I do know that he can trace all of my posts on /lounge/. Starting to wonder if he is a mod here, which would make sense why he can find all of my posts. That would be really sad if that was the case and I guess I would feel bad that his life sucks so much that he became a 4ct mod.
I really don't know.

Dude was always jealous of me and I finally set him off by making a regular /lounge/ joke that gets posted in most of the threads here.

That was a really gay thing to say, and I would chew his dick off if were to ever get near my fucking face.
6 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 16:09
You know at first I thought I was kind of overthinking it all.
But this week he really fucked up and now I know he has been stalking me on /lounge/.
Either use of applications or is a mod.
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 16:12
How did he fuck up?
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 16:13
Starting to wonder if he is a mod here
pretty sure there's no other way to be able to trace posts on /lounge/, short of access to your computer / devices.

does this person contact you? what do they say?
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 16:22
Hes a sad loser. Idk what you should be afraid of. If he apears at your house it seems you can easily snap him in two.

Just let the pussyboy realise on his own that what he's doing is pathetic
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 17:41
You're telling us you can't do shit because nothing is happening to you? Is that what it is nothing is wrong
11 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 22:10
He said something that linked back to a previous post I made, however there should have been nothing to link those two posts together as they were days apart and shared nothing alike in the text I wrote. It was like he was trying to show off that he knows all the posts I make.

They are just in threads on /lounge/. They have me blocked on all social media outside of /lounge/.

Damn thanks anon that made me feel better about the situation. Good point.

Yeah I guess you are right. It is just really annoying to have someone trying to link your posts together on an anonymous website.
12 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:18
Did you call gookmoot a nigger?
13 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:19
They have me blocked on all social media
so they don't contact you? whats the problem then? like a stalker that just collects data on you is no worse than the social media sites you're on, or google, etc.
14 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:20
stop expecting the reader to fill in the missing information you dont provide saged or a fucking name faggot!
15 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:22
Good point. I don't really talk a whole lot on 4ct but have been here a very long time. I didn't expect someone to waste so much time over some bs.
16 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:23
Your posting style can give away a lot. Also you sound like a wack butch.
17 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:24
been here a very long time
you and me both baby. good luck.
18 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:26
Device you are posting from would need to be compromised or your router is.
19 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:28
Have you tried taking your meds and not being a racist?
20 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 22:29
Also I was wondering. Can jannies do this or is it just mods that can trace posts like this?
21 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:30
I think you need a higher dose of meds to be quite honest. You're overthinking it.
22 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 22:31
I doubt that because nothing outside of /lounge/ is affected by this shit and I'm on other sites way more than 4ct. Doesn't occur on any other boards either.
23 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:32
Use a VPN
24 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:34
Google > search sfbe

That's how you fucking douche.
25 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 22:35
Can you guys not be retarded for just one day? Please?

This is one of my more literal posts.
26 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 22:36
I do, even paid for nord doesn't work.
Do you know of any legit VPNs?
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:37
paid vpns are also banned to post due to abuse anon
28 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:38
Yeah that's what I thought.
Thabks for the insight doodlebug.
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:39
Nah, I think they're right.. forget the guy all together here and concentrate on yourself.

The fact that something nonfactor as this is getting so blown out of proportion is just another boogeyman to distract yourself from how degen you've become. It's like the fire dpt. Showing up and you're engulfed in flame and blistering but you point to a candle as the reason you called

This is just attention seeking for all the wrong reasons
30 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:40
Have you tried talking in the IRC?

I have to say though... this might be a delusion.
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 22:01
Remember when you banned yourself?
32 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-26 09:37
Leave this website and never return

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