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Covid-19 is a major catalyst for World events.

4 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-23 16:11
Every step is in one direction.
Centralization of power, never decentralization.
Rich get richer, poor get poorer.
Elites are already rich enough to buy anything. To reach God hood, they need to be able to create life and be immortal. Both of which are in the works.
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-23 19:13
No. It’s one where we don’t die from a preventable plague.
11 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 11:27
That specifically? No.
I do think the virus is being used to grub in more power for politicians though, I just don't think they're competent enough to plan it on a global scale. We're more likely to get a bunch of little kings infighting and destabilizing, until we have a chance to move towards liberty again.
14 Name: SFBEkills 2021-11-24 12:57
grand scheme
Fuck off with your Q-shit
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 22:53
Do you feel like recent events, with covid as the major catalyst, are part of a grand scheme to blue pill the entire society into an even more completely obedient, non questioning generation of slaves to the elite, propelling said elites into Godhood?

I have no doubt there are goofy conspiracies, but I think a lot of this is the usual centralizing government and socialist stupidity on steroids.

Whatever it is, opportunists are trying to take advantage. Look at Australia and Austria.

You've a point OP.
34 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 13:53
I see no evidence of that, if you feel that way maybe just get out more.

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