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Oumuamua the mysterious object.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-09-11 18:11
Oumuamua the mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system in 2017 through 2018 may have been an alien spacecraft sent to depopulate Earth through introduction of the Covid-19 virus, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.

The object, nicknamed ‘Oumuamua, meaning “a messenger of death that reaches out from the distant past” in Hawaiian, was discovered in October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.

Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds to explain its unusual features and precise origins, with researchers first calling it a comet and then an asteroid before finally deeming it the first of its kind: a new class of “interstellar objects.” Colossus, a variant super computer in the style of IBM’s “Big Blue” has calculated the probe to be a direct threat to mankind.

“‘Oumuamua was a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization, to destroy mankind” they wrote in the paper, which has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

“Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua is a light sail, floating through interstellar space as a delivery device from an advanced technological race of aliens,” wrote the paper’s authors, suggesting that the object could be propelled by solar radiation.

The WH has denied any prior knowledge of this link to Covid-19, though then President Trump suddenly was inoculated against the virus and now urges his followers to “take the vaccine as it is the right thing to do”.

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