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What should i do?

32 Name: Anonymous 2021-09-11 18:34
16 years old me sitting on the porch at my girlfriend's house.
Girlfriend's parents are out of town and I just spent the day fucking her brains completely out of her head.
out of nowhere girlfriend appears with a knife in her hand
anon we have to go inside the neighbor is trying to spy on us.
I will fix this

No neighbor no one around

tell girlfriend no one is out there
she goes super quiet and moves toward the sink and picks up a coffee mug
I tell her she is beautiful and try to get her back into dick sucking mode
turn to walk back to the living room as mug fly past my head


like a spider monkey she is on me and I am getting beat
break away and go into flight mode
she is pitching shit at me like Sandy Koufax yelling that I am trying to let the neighbor see her naked and that I probably let him watch us fuck.
dodge another mug get hit with a spatula
manage to talk her down but she is still "off"
she lures me in by sitting me on the couch and putting her hear up
ah yeah blowjob time
she gets my dick in her mouth and then bites down
open hand slap that bitch like my name is Dolemite
beat rocks out of there with teeth marks on my pecker.

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