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What should i do?

27 Name: Anonymous 2021-09-11 15:25
My first girlfriend is bipolar with dissociative disorder and has since been diagnosed with schizophrenia. When we were 16 she stabbed me in the leg with a fork after I told her I was going home to study. She fully believed I was going to her older sister's apartment to fuck her. Her sister lived more than 6 hours away.

She tried to run me over with my car at a roadside stop after she had a dream I was going to kill her. She had the dream while we were driving and waited until I stopped to take a piss to try to "getaway." She believed all her dreams were psychic so I had to have been planning to kill her.

She used to buy feeder rats then go to restaurant parking lots and check car doors. If the car was unlocked she would put two in the back seat and spread dog food under the seat.

She fucked like a porno flick bitch and pretty much ruined me for regular women. Did you know that having someone choke you and spit in your face while wrist deep in your pussy is not normal? Have you ever tried to choke someone while wrist deep in their pussy? Like a human accordion.

In college, she fucked woman questionable aged high schooler...everyone, and then she decided she needed to date someone. She started dating a frat guy and cleaned up her act for the most part. Only sometimes he would piss her off so she would come over to my place and my roommate and I would run train on her.

She drank a lot like vodka in a coke can lot. She would blackout for days. All of this is just the tip and not even really her because in a way she was two people. One was a nice quiet even shy woman and the other was a drug-taking dick-sucking manipulative bitch that would cut you if you looked at her funny. Medication has really helped her, we can hang out without her showing me her pussy or trying to kill me or showing me her pussy to make it easier to try and kill me. I still avoid her but she ended up marrying my cousin.

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